"We believe the best way to mediate intractable conflicts is by educating the next generation, and the best way to reach the next generation is with an Epic Animated Musical!"





Theory of Transformation


I began this journey in culmination of my nostalgic love of cartoons, a visceral need to reclaim my creativity, my Jewish roots and understanding of other religions, my experiences traveling and volunteering, the passion born from my first experience with love, and a passion for storytelling, diplomacy, and entrepreneurship.



Brandeis University SparkTank Competition 2019

Drexel University CiRight Dragon Startup Competition 2019: Category - Business Services

Entrepreneur's Organization US National Student Entrepreneurship Awards Finalists at the Google Startup Grind Conference 2020

Entrepreneurs' Organization Connecticut State Student Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

SoCap Scholars Program 2019

Venture Cup Denmark Startup Finalist Teams 2019


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