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Olive Branch Pictures is a representational, ideologically balanced comics & animation studio for conflict mediation and edutainment, focusing first on counteracting bias in Israeli-Palestinian media and education to build mutual understanding and trust.

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“Shira and Amal”


"An Israeli girl and a Palestinian girl learn to escaping the conflict through the creative arts. Years later their paths cross in university where they launch an animation studio for conflict mediation to bring peace home.



This paper presents the history and influence of Semitic caricature and how ideologically balanced, representational mythology can mitigate intractable conflict; Case Study: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.

"The history of cartoons and graphic literature, specifically in the Middle East, demonstrates cartoons as effective vehicles of communication and their potential for conflict mediation. While it is practically impossible to separate the perspective of the storyteller from the story, it is possible to synthesize diverse perspectives from multiple storytellers. This will not be easy. It will require courage, creativity, open-mindedness, empathy, a diverse and talented team, perseverance, and collective, grassroots effort. But I believe it can and should be done."

Animated Diplomacy - Myth, Propaganda, Semitic Caricature, & Ideologically Balanced Cartoons 


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I began this journey in culmination of volunteer experiences in the Middle East, Mexico, and India, his Jewish roots and fascination with different religions, falling in love with an Israeli peacenik in Tel Aviv, an interest in media and storytelling, diplomacy, and entrepreneurship, a love of comics and animation, and a need to create.

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Watson Institute Accelerator Luff Peace Fellowship Graduation Fall 2020

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Brandeis University SparkTank Competition 2019

Drexel CiRight Dragron Entrepreneurship

Drexel University CiRight Dragon Startup Competition 2019: Category - Business Services

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Entrepreneurs' Organization Connecticut State Student Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

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Entrepreneur's Organization US National Student Entrepreneurship Awards Finalists at the Google Startup Grind Conference 2020

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SoCap Scholars Program 2019

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Venture Cup Denmark Startup Finalist Teams 2019


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